Kerry on offence

US presidential candidate John Kerry has launched the ad on his agenda for domestic issues.

PRAVDA.RU newspaper wrote earlier that In fact, Kerry aims to bolster intelligence, especially after the dubious record of the Bush administration, which has not even finished the National Intelligence Review begun four years ago. Kerry's book The New War, written in 1997, outlines the national security issues facing the USA in the 21st Century. Far from leaving the USA "uncertain", John Kerry is an expert in the area.

Also, how long can the external threat play to Bush's advantage? The American people will not base their decision to vote on the illegality of the war in Iraq or on the war crimes or acts of mass murder by US troops.

The decision will be taken on economic issues at home, issues which people feel in their pockets.

People will vote on taxes, jobs, education and healthcare. Bush cut taxes and created the conditions for the clique of companies around the White House - America's super rich - to get richer. The middle class, the backbone of the United States of America, are poorer. They need a candidate who can help them in their mortgages, healthcare plans, education costs and child care costs.

Bush lost 3,000,000 jobs. Three million jobs. Kerry's main plan is to recreate these jobs within the first year and a half of his administration. Bush represents the interests of the moneyed few, Kerry represents the interests of the people, most of whom did not vote for Bush in the first place.

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