UN Security Council's Resolution is the only way to settle situation in Kosovo

The only way to settle the situation in Kosovo is to fully and completely fulfil UN Security Council's Resolution No. 1244, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Unfortunately, the Albanian leaders not always met the demands of the Security Council," the minister said on Sunday in the interview with the Vremya news programme of the TV First Channel.

Apart from that, Lavrov noted, some representatives of the Western countries tried to close their eyes to these events and did not check the Albanians in time.

"The latest events in Kosovo Mitrovica confirmed our apprehensions that such connivance at the Albanians' efforts to clean the province from other nationalities is harmful and dangerous," Sergei Lavrov said.

"Presently, Russia demands to return to the basic provisions of the settlement that were fixed by the UN Security Council," he added.

According to the data of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIC), which were made public on Sunday, 24 people were killed and 851 wounded as a result of interethnic clashes in Kosovo.

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