Russia thinks better of the USA than any other countries

The negative attitude prevails in the world towards the USA. This has been demonstrated by the public opinion poll held in nine states of the world by sociological services Pew Research and Princeton Survey Research Associates.

Some 62% of the French, 59% of the Germans, 61% of the Pakistanis, 63 % of the Turks and 93% of the Jordanians spoke about bad or unfavorable attitude towards the USA as a country.

"A year after the war in Iraq the dissatisfaction with the America and its policy has rather grown than lessened," the authors of the public opinion poll emphasize and come to the conclusion that "the war in Iraq undermined public trust in America overseas".

As a result of this "doubts with regard of the motives of the anti-terrorist campaign with the USA at the head are growing and the increasing number of Europeans want their foreign policy and the system of security to be independent from the USA ", the research says.

Nevertheless, the opinion poll has shown that Russia is one of the few states of the world where people have become to think of the USA somewhat better over the past year.

If in the spring of 2003 55% of Russia's residents spoke about their negative attitude to the USA, today this number decreased by 11% and makes up 44%. The number of Russia's citizens whose attitude to the USA is positive has increased from 36% to 47% over the year.

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