Israeli Ambassador: 'Security fence' bloodless defense from Palestinian terror

'The goal of terrorist organizations is to bring about the greatest amout of losses to all democratic nations, including the US and Israel,' said Israeli Ambassador to Russia Arkady Milman on radio station Echo Moskvy.

He added that the goal of terrorists is to destroy the government of Israel. 'Therefore, the only way for Israel to survive is to wage a war on international terrorism with political, military, economic and other methods. Terrorists are people who live outside the norms of civilization,' said Milman. He added that teenagers in Palestinian children's camps learn how to fire automatic weapons, throw bottles with Molotov cocktails or stones at Israeli soldiers. Milman thinks that this has led to a significant increase in the number of terrorists among Palestinians.

'We permitted the Palestinians to organize their own police forces, which have in turn engaged in terrorism. One person who blew up a bus in Jerusalem on January 29 was a Palestinian police officer, 'a guarantor of peace and order,' he said.

He emphasized that the 'security fence,' which has been installed along Israel's border with Palestine, has already saved scores of human lives. The 'security fence' is an effective means for our protection. By applying this method of defense, there are no wounded and no deaths as a result,' he said.

Milman added that two days ago Israel exchanged 436 Palestinians who participated in terrorist activities for one Israeli businessman and the bodies of three soldiers. 'It was a very difficult decision. But our government came to the conclusion that the exchange was the only means of freeing the Israeli citizen and burying the dead soldiers with honor and merit,' he said.

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