Situation in Georgia does not help settlement of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

The situation in Georgia does not help the settlement of the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia, announced Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Valery Loschinin.

"The situation in Georgia does not help the settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, on the contrary, it interferes with the solution," he said on Saturday in Moscow during a joint press conference with Aslan Abashidze, the leader of the Adzharian autonomy in Georgia.

The Russian diplomat stated "there are some positive developments in the negotiation process on the settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict that might lead to certain agreements." Mr. Loschinin underlined that Moscow hopes that the agreements will be finally signed.

In his turn, Aslan Abashidze said that during his visit to Moscow, the sides discussed the Abkhaz issue, as well.

In his opinion, "people who represent democratic forces in Georgia at the moment, have neglected the Abkhaz issue altogether." Mr. Abashidze stated that the responsibility of the settlement of the conflict between the Georgian authorities and the opposition lies solely on the Georgian president, that "the present administration must remain in power," and Adzharia will provide assistance to the legitimate Georgian authorities." Mr. Abashidze underlined that he expects political support from Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the settlement of what he believes an explosive situation in Georgia, which is dangerous for the Caucasus region and all neighbouring countries.

Mr. Abashidze believes that "the situation in Georgia has been staged according to well-planed and paid scenario; therefore, the political conflagration that has started there will not be extinguished easily."

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