Author`s name Pravda.Ru

Ukrainians do not change their attitude to Russia over Tuzla conflict

64.6% of Ukrainians did not change their attitude to Russia after the latter undertook to build a dam on the disputed island in the Kerch Strait, according to a recent opinion survey conducted by Ukraine's Centre of Economic and Political Studies.

25.7% of Ukraine nationals developed a negative attitude towards Russia after the incident, while 1.6% of Ukrainians are now of a better opinion about Russia.

23.4% of the respondents say the building of the dam is a reasonable thing to do, while 46.2% qualify Russia's actions as illegal.

A mere 14.3% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine must use force in case all diplomatic means of resolving the dispute over the dam are exhausted, something 75.8% of their fellow countrymen are opposed to.

The opinion survey was conducted on October 15 though 21 and covered all the regions of Ukraine.