International conference in Vilnius devoted to future of Kaliningrad Region

The economy of Kaliningrad Region is dynamically developing and also has many new prospects in connection with the expansion of the EU, according to participants of the Vilnius international conference entitled 'Where is Kaliningrad Headed?'.

During the two-day conference politicians, diplomats and scientists from Lithuania, Poland, Russia and France discussed problems related to the development of Kaliningrad Region in the near future when Kaliningrad Region will be surrounded by EU and NATO countries. Former French Minister Claude Jospen said on October 18 that 'Russia should not be afraid of borders with the EU.' He added that it is particularly important to develop good neighborly relations, which has happened with Lithuania and Poland.

Chairman of the Kaliningrad Region Duma Vladimir Nikitin said that we are encircled by good neighbors.' He added that the region's economy is successfully developing. Greenoble University professor Ivan Samson also supported this opinion and said that the region's economy is developing dynamically and is being discovered by foreign investors. Samson listed statistics, which refuted attempts by Western journalists to smear Kaliningrad and its development. Objective facts show that the region is developing faster than other regions in Russia and is not far behind its neighbors - Lithuania and Poland.

The conference was organized by Vilnius university's international relations and political science institute and the Robert Schuman Foundation.

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