Military analyst predicts civil war in Iraq

In a few years the US-British troops will have to leave Iraq, which will inevitable lead to a civil war in the country. Moreover, it will strengthen the stand of Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East. The forecast was voiced in an interview with a RIA Novosti correspondent by a prominent analyst of Dutch origin, professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Martin Van Krefeld.

"I am sure that soon the coalition troops will have to leave Iraq, but then the whole Middle East will find itself in a complicated situation, while Iraq will become another Afghanistan. There, everyone will fight against everyone: Kurds against Arabs, Shiites against Sunnites. If dozens of thousand of foreign servicemen are now not able to stop the unrest in the country, later it will be even more difficult to do so." When speaking of those who confront the US-British forces in Iraq, Van Krefeld pointed out that they were not only supporters of the deposed Saddam Hussein. "Even ordinary people who do not like their country occupied, fight against the coalition troops, and such people are becoming more and more numerous. Every day guerrilla groups with new names, previously unheard-of, appear. It is this resistance that will force the coalition troops to leave Iraq," the analyst believes.

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