Arafat's ouster a political mistake, Russian diplomat says

The decision to "oust" Yasser Arafat is a political mistake on the part of the Israeli Government, reads a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Alexander Yakovenko.

Moscow is really concerned over the Israeli Government's decision to eventually "oust" Palestine national-authority leader Yasser Arafat, the statement goes on to say.

The implementation of this decision would become a serious political mistake fraught with extremely negative consequences for the really involved regional situation, Yakovenko noted.

Such a move would rule out prospects for the Palestinian-Israeli crisis' peaceful settlement, also entailing uncontrollable developments in line with the worst scenario, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes.

Russia is once again calling on the belligerents to exert every effort for the sake of stopping the conflict and resuming political dialogue, Yakovenko went on to say. Interaction is the only way to end terror, other manifestations of violence and to resume the implementation of the road-map peace plan, Yakovenko said in conclusion.

On September 11 the Israeli Government's "inner circle", which comprises 11 ministers, made a "principled" decision to deport Arafat from Palestine. The Government of Israel blamed Arafat for the present-day critical situation.

The decision to deport Arafat was made in retaliation for two terrorist acts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which killed 15 Israelis, also wounding dozens more.

The Israeli Government's decision caused indignation all over Palestine.

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