IAEA backs up Russian stance on Iranian atomic programmes

The leadership of the International Atomic Energy Agency understands and approves Russia's stance with regard to Iranian atomic programmes.

"The policy of returning nuclear wastes from Iran to Russia under IAEA experts' control and possibly supplying Teheran with uranium slugs afterwards is absolutely justified," a high-ranking official from the IAEA administration in Vienna informed RIA Novosti.

To conduct the policy Moscow and Teheran must sign an agreement in the presence of an IAEA observer, he said.

It is an old practice, the source added.

Concerning Iran's possible plans and practical work to create its own nuclear weapons, the response will be given after IAEA inspectors publish an official report on their checks in Iran, the source pointed out. According to him, the report will be issued a week before the session of the Council of IAEA Managers, scheduled for June 16.

"In accordance with contract provisions, IAEA inspectors are prohibited from unveiling any information, concerned with control over any country's atomic programmes, including Iran, because the issue is not only confidential, but classified as well, and an inspector can be turned off for divulgation without a dismissal wage offered," the source underlined.

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