G-8 Foreign Ministers' meeting starts in Paris

The fight against international terrorism will be the central issue of the G-8 foreign ministers' meeting that has opened in Paris. "This problem has come to the foreground after the Saudi Arabia explosions," a high-ranking Russian diplomat said.

The session agenda also includes discussion of North Korea's nuclear programme, the situation in Afghanistan and the Indo-Pakistani relations.

The G-8 foreign ministers will also discuss the situation around Iraq and the G-8 role in that country's post-war reconstruction.

According to the foreign ministry official, the Paris meeting will help "restore trust shaken by the Iraqi war." The preparations for the G-8 summit to be held in Evian (France) on June 1-3 will be discussed at the meeting, too.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov is expected to hold negotiations with his Japanese counterpart Yoriko Kawaguchi Friday afternoon.