Globalisation processes should be regulated by international community

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov believes that the world community should make globalisation processes controllable.

Having overcome the "cold war" heritage, the world community has not so far developed a definite system of international relations, Ivanov said when speaking in Kiev University on Tuesday.

"These relations," Ivanov believes, "are not of a clear system-forming nature." According to the Russian minister, the world is still staying at "a transitional stage" while "the processes determining the world development are of an unaccomplished nature." The Russian foreign minister explained that this manifested itself in the economy and in the security sphere as well as in the activity of international structures and institutions.

Ivanov found it hard to say how long the chronic transitional period would last.

"One thing is clear," the Russian foreign minister stressed. "The international community badly needs to make globalisation processes controllable and to intensify the regulating principles of international relations." The Russian foreign minister called the problem of the future world order "a very important issue" both for Russia and Ukraine. Ivanov said that taking into account the tasks facing the two countries' internal social-economic development Russia and Ukraine need a stable, predictable and just world order.

Ivanov stressed that Russia favoured a multipolar world order which should reflect the actual coexistence of various centres and poles of influence in the world.

"The new world order," Ivanov assumes, "should be based on comprehensive multilateral co-operation and co-ordination of activities of various international structures." On the whole, the Russian minister believes, the scheme of a new architecture of the world order could look as a pyramid with the UN and its Security Council being on top of it. This body, the Russian foreign minister believes, should bear major responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security.

Ivanov believes that "numerous regional organisations and then a solid texture of bilateral relations should feature at the next stage." Finally, Ivanov stressed, "international law should be the foundation and a kind of cementing material of the whole construction." Ivanov said with confidence that Moscow clearly saw the difficulties the promotion of such a world order model would encounter.

"We clearly see that a unipolar system of international relations based on the logic of military supremacy and unilateral actions in circumvention of the UN and international law is shaping up," Ivanov said. He explained that "this trend has manifested itself in full and continues to develop in the light of the dramatic development of the Iraqi crisis."

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