Implementation of road map skids

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov, the Four of international mediators /Russia, the USA, the EU and the UN/ are out of the schedule with the road map's implementation.

When answering a question about the deadline of the road map's implementation, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that the deadline was specified by the road map itself. But it is quite clear that the mediators are out of the schedule. One of the reasons for it was the Iraqi crisis.

In his interview with the "Vremya Novostey" newspaper Mr. Saltanov stressed that "our contacts clearly show that leaders of Arab countries take the negative consequences of the Iraq war seriously and believe that it is possible to neutralize them through the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict." According to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, it can be achieved, first of all, through the settlement of the conflict between Palestine and Israel that would lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state that would live in peace with Israel.

Mr. Saltanov pointed out that it was necessary to "start implementation of the items of the road map." In particular, to put an end to violence, to restore cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians in the security field and to launch talks on the conditions of the settlement and on the next stage of the settlement.

Th second stage of the implementation is to be the establishment of a Palestinian state with provisional borders.

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