USA still "loves" France

US Secretary of State Colin Powell hopes that Washington and Paris will overcome the differences that have arisen in their relations in connection with the military operation in Iraq.

In reply to the question asked by a student of the Moscow state institute of international relations, "Aimez-vous France?" (a student paraphrased the title of Francoise Sagan's well-known novel), Powell said, "Oui".

Turning more serious, Colin Powell stressed that the United States and France were linked by 250 years of common history in the course of which Paris and Washington had come to each other's help more than once. He said that, though two countries had differences from time to time, he always compared their relations with a marriage that had been lasting for 250 years now and in which both sides had to resolve their conflicts and meet each other halfway. He also added that he hoped that their countries would overcome present difficulties as well, and that he would continue loving France, as France would love America.

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