According To Indian Premier, Terrorists Threaten Unique Culture Of Kashmir

Indian Premier Atal Bihari Vajpayee stated that in his opinion those who supported terrorism in Kashmir were threatening the culture of the state.

While speaking on Saturday in the university of the capital of the Srinagara state Vajpayee pointed out that "objective assessment of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir demonstrates that those who support hostility and aggressiveness are coming out against foundations of culture, brotherly relations and friendship." At the same time he left without comments the positive evaluation made by Islamabad of his former statements regarding the establishment of "friendly relations" with Pakistan on the condition that "the initiative to maintain such relations was put forward by both sides." Vajpayee also stressed that violence could not resolve disputable issues with Pakistan including the Kashmir problem.

The Indian premier on Saturday is completing his two-day stay in Kashmir where on the day before he presented the program of economic development of the state.

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