Iraq's Neighbors: Production of Iraqi Oil By Occupation Forces is Illegal

The Foreign Ministers of countries which border on Iraq believe that production of Iraqi oil by occupation forces is illegal and demand that UN sanctions should not be lifted prior to the new Iraqi government's establishment. The Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, as well as Egypt and Bahrein, negotiated in Riyadh April 18, subsequently noting in their concluding statement that the people of Iraq should run their country all by themselves. Moreover, Iraq's natural resources should be developed in line with the will of Iraq's legitimate government and people, the statement goes on to say.

Acting in line with the fourth Geneva convention's provisions, occupation forces are duty-bound to ensure security and stability, the document stresses. Such occupation forces must leave Iraq, thus enabling the Iraqi nation to exercise its right to self-determination.

The eight Foreign Ministers noted that the UN should play a key role in Iraq's post-war development.

Talking to reporters April 19, after the conference wound up, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal stressed that the UN's anti-Iraqi sanctions should be lifted only after a legitimate government representing the people of Iraq is established, rather during the continued foreign occupation.

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