Discussing North Korean Nuclear Issue at UN is Threat to National Security

"Discussing Pyongyang's nuclear program in the UN Security Council is a prelude to war," said a North Korean Foreign Ministry representative in connection with the UN Security Council session scheduled on April 9th, according to the Korean Embassy in Moscow.

"The Iraqi issue was also considered at a UN Security Council session, however it was used by the USA as a pretext to start the war," he said. "The USA wants to thrust its demand concerning the disarmament on our county. The war in Iraq proves that the agreement to admit disarmament inspections does not prevent the war, but on the contrary leads to it," the Korean Foreign Ministry representative said.

Pyongyang points out that "neither the public opinion, nor the UN regulations had power to prevent the US attack on Iraq". "This proves that the war can not be averted, even if a country signs a non-aggression pact with the USA," his statement reads. "Only military power able to resist any attack with the use of modern weapons can prevent the war and protect a country's security. It is the lesson, which the Iraqi war taught us," he noted.

The Korean Foreign Ministry representative stressed that one of the three countries, included by the USA in the so-called "axis of evil", "has fallen victim of ruthless military invasion." "There will be no greater mistake than to think that our country will accept the US demand concerning the disarmament in the limelight of the present war in Iraq," he stressed.

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