Georgia ready to cooperate with everyone who fights terrorism

Georgia is willing to go on cooperating with everyone who fights terrorism, announced Georgian Foreign Minister Irakly Menagarishvili on Wednesday while talking to journalists about Adam Dekkushev, who had been arrested on the Georgian territory and faced terrorist charges.

Arrests and extradition of terrorist suspects are part of the country's effort to cooperate in the anti-terrorist sphere, said Menagarishvili, adding that Georgia would go on fulfilling its international commitments.

On his part, Georgia's State Security Minister Valery Khaburdzania declared that "Georgian and Russian secret services must develop a closer cooperation" and that there were still some details that had to be "sorted out." Appearing in a program televised by Georgia's Rustavi 2 TV channel, Khaburdzania reported the details of Dekkushev's arrest, saying the terrorist had been travelling around Georgia with a powerful explosive device attached to his body and had been capable of blowing himself up along with all the people surrounding him. With that in mind, the Georgian secret services that kept Dekkushev under surveillance had been trying to find a safe place for his arrest. In the long run, they chose the Western Georgian spa town of Daba Ureki, where Dekkushev occupied a cottage. During the arrest, the terrorist blew up a grenade, wounding a woman who was in the same house.

Dekkushev has been extradited to Russia and is now interrogated by law enforcers.

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