Iraqi president's eldest son Udai makes proposals in case Iraq is subjected to aggression

The Iraqi president's eldest son Udai Saddam Hussein has come up with proposals to the country's parliament in case of "possible aggression" against Iraq.

The newspaper Babil carries on Tuesday the text of the document that Udai submitted to the parliament which met in an emergency session on Monday.

The document, which is described as a "working" one, contains a general assessment of the situation and proposals on necessary multiple measures. Hussein called "for conditioning society morally to bear the burden of war", which may be "harsher than the war of 1991" /the Persian Gulf war/.

In Saddam's view, Baghdad in the event of war "will be the main target". It is necessary to take care of "extra" supplies of staple products for the population in the capital and other provincial centres so as not to have "episodes of treachery and betrayal in the 1991 war" repeated. /At that time anti-government disturbances broke out in some districts of southern and northern Iraq as the population expressed discontent over lack of food/. It is also proposed to distribute among the population additional rationed food which it could keep at home.

Hussein proposed "conducting aggressive diplomacy" to win over to Iraq other countries in the light of coming events. The idea is to draw them "with economic carrots", mentioning Russia, Syria and Jordan among them.

As seen by Udai, "the official position of Arab regimes is two-faced". They will "meet American aspirations" in relation to Iraq, while at the same time fearing response from its "Arab street" to complicity in "aggression against Baghdad". So Udai called for the "Arab street" trump card to be used to bring pressure to bear on these governments.

The document also contains a call to Iraq's diplomats and public organisations to step up their efforts abroad in explaining Baghdad's position to secure support for Iraq.

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