George Bush: Problem of American chicken meat in Russia upset many people in USA but there will be no war with Russia

US president George Bush stated that the problem of deliveries of American chicken meat onto the Russian market upset very many people in the USA.

Bush stated this in the White House on Monday during the conversation with a group of Polish journalists on the eve of the visit of president Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland to the USA.

Very many people in the USA believed that an obligation to let American chickens into Russia had been assumed, and they began to be supplied to Russia, but all of a sudden, quite unexpectedly they ceased to be supplied, said Bush, according to whom the US side managed to frankly and bluntly raise the question of deliveries of chicken meat before the Russian side.

Fortunately, we are debating on chickens but not on war, on chickens but not on missiles, as was the case before, the president stressed and noted that Russia and the USA have become friends and that it is easier for countries on friendly terms to find solutions for issues.

In the past, differences between opponents could lead to war but there will be no war between Russia and the USA, the head of the White House stressed.

According to the data of the US Council on Export of Poultry and Eggs, about 1.35 million tons of poultry meat are annually supplied from the USA onto the Russian market, which makes up half of the whole US export of chicken meat.

From March 1, 2002 the Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation halted the issue of permissions to import poultry meat from the USA, and a ban on supplies of all kinds of poultry meat from the USA to Russia came into force from March 10. It was done after Russia had sent an official inquiry about the use of disinfectants, stimulators and antibiotics by the US poultry meat producers in growing chickens and processing poultry meat. The USA had to submit the full list of medicines and stimulators, which are added to chickens' feeds, before March 1, 2002. The answer was not received in time.

On April 10 the USA submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia documents on meeting the demands made on the quality of chicken meat supplied to Russia, and from April 15 the State Veterinary Service of Russia lifted the restrictions on import of poultry meat from the USA.

At the same time the Veterinary Service of Russia prohibited import of poultry meat from four states of the USA (North Carolina, Virginia, Maine and Pennsylvania) in which the virus of poultry grippe was found, and excluded 14 American enterprises producing poultry meat, in whose products salmonella bacteria were found, from the list of exporters.

From August 1, 2002 deliveries of poultry meat from the USA to Russia must be accompanied with new veterinary certificates.

Russia and the USA are now discussing a new veterinary certificate for poultry meat deliveries. The new demands of control include first of all an analysis of gene indicators, antibiotics and other components.

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