A mourning ceremony in memory of the victims of the July 2 air crash took place in Germany

A mourning ceremony in memory of the victims of the July 2 air crash took place in the public centre of Ueberlingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg Land, Germany). Music by Dmitry Shostakovich and Lyudmila Shukailo was performed by the camera orchestra of the Philharmonic Society from the town Constance which was conducted by Vladimir Astrakhantsev.

The mourning ceremony was attended by about 600 people, including 250 participants in the searches for the remains of the victims.

The speeches at the mourning ceremony were delivered by Prime Minister of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Land Erwin Teufel, Bashkir Prime Minister Rafael Baidavletov, German Transport Minister Kurt Bodewig, Swiss Minister of Transportation Moritz Leuenberger and Ueberlingen Burgomaster Volkmar Weber.

Chairman of the Ueberlingen voluntary fire team Christian Goerber delivered a farewell speech on the name of all participants in the searching and rescue work.

An Orthodox priest and a Muslim cleric offered prayers for the dead.

The mourning ceremony was broadcast live by two television channels - Sudwestfunk and Phoenix. In order to see what was going on at the ceremony in the city public centre, decorated with white and red roses of the Grand Prix variety, a big television screen has been installed in one of the streets of Ueberlingen.

During the ceremony, 71 schoolchildren of Ueberlingen ascended the stage of the public centre, each holding a white or a red rose with the name of the air crash victim written on it; all these 71 roses they put in a big vase.

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