Bashkirian airlines to sue Swiss air controllers

The Bashkirian Airlines whose jet recently crashed over Germany plans to sue Swiss air traffic controllers or any other side if their responsibility is proved.

This information has been disclosed by Gennady Pirogov, the airlines' Deputy Director General.

He gave no details as to whether that will be a class action or relatives of the Tu-154 passengers and crewmen can institute independent lawsuits.

Russian Deputy Transport Minister Karl Ruppel previously reported that the Tu-154 was not insured.

According to him, this aircraft costs approximately 80 mln. dollars. The official added that if the investigation revealed those responsible, they would have to reimburse this sum to the Bashkirian Airlines.

When speaking about whether the Russian government plans to assist the Bashkirian airlines in case it institutes a damage reimbursement lawsuit, Ruppel stated that the government "has always supported legal actions and such an action will definitely be a legal one." The Prosecutor's Office of the Swiss Bulach district, the Zurich canton, is currently investigating the Skyguide ground control companies' actions, which led to the collision between the Tu-154 and Boeing.

Investigators will determine Skyguide's responsibility for the tragedy, taking into account the restoration and subsequent analysis of air controllers' actions in the critical situation. In the end, the investigation should determine all violations, if any, air controllers committed when tracking the Tu-154 and Boeing's trajectories, as well as their responsibility.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted on the following charges: man slaughter as a result of criminal negligence and public traffic hampering.

In the late hours of July 2nd, the Tu-154 airliner of the Bashkirian Airlines collided with DHL's Boeing cargo aircraft at an 11,000-m altitude in the nearby Bodenesee, Germany. There were 12 crewmen and 57 passengers /52 children and 5 adults accompanying them in a vacation/ on-board the Tu-154. On-board the Boeing, there were two pilots alone.

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