Belarus President spoke at the ceremonial parade dedicated to Independence Day

Belarussian President Aleksander Lukashenko spoke at the ceremonial parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Belorussia.

According to the Belarus President, liberation of Belorussia from the fascist invaders on July 3, 1944 means the day of independence for the country.

Belorussia is firm on its chosen way of development and stands for its independence and sovereignty, the President said.

However, according to him, the present day international situation proves that not all learned a lesson from the past historical bloody events. Solutions of political problems by means of armies is still a favourite tool for some countries, Lukashenko stressed. "In connection with, this the necessity of security and civil peace in Belorussia is of particular importance," Lukashenko said.

Addressing to the Belarus people, the president called for doing everything possible in order maintain interior political stability and high level of Armed Forces military potential. "Throughout the history Belarus people were never enslaved by anybody," Lukashenko stressed. According to him, Belarus people are hardworking and proud, they value their history and dignity and will never succumb to a dictatorship.

"We are threatening nobody, have no territorial claims and there are no our potential country-enemies in the world and we do not intend to go into war with anybody. However we are strong enough in order to protect our sovereignty and unity of the state," Aleksander Lukashenko said. He said that the Armed Forces guarantee the inviolability today as well as in the future.

According to the President, the Belarus Army is highly professional and is ready to stand for the country's interests.

Belorussia is ready for the multidimensional and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries in the world, Lukashenko said. According to him, a principle of multiple directions is the main constructive factor in the Belarus foreign policy.

The Belarus President delivered his friendly greetings to the friendly countries, alliances and partners.

For the first time, in the course of the President's Independence Day speeches, he did not address the Belarus ally - Russia.

For the first time in the history of the Independence Day celebrations, military hardware did not participate in the ceremonial parade.

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