Israeli ex-Prime Minister: Militant Islam is the main threat to the world

The West has not yet understood the danger coming from militant Islam, said Israeli ex-Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu at a news conference in Moscow.

The former Israeli Prime Minister believes that the "fundamentalist regimes in the world are trying to get access to the weapons of mass destruction." He said that this was "only the question of time" and added that "the radical regimes would have no hesitations in using a nuclear bomb" if they are able to get it. This danger concerns not only the West, but Russia as well, pointed out Netanyahu.

Speaking about the radical regimes, Netanyahu named Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somali, the Palestinian Authority and, with some reservations, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

As was pointed out by Benyamin Netanyahu, it is necessary "to put an end to the radical regimes, otherwise they will destroy us." The removal from power of such leaders as Saddam Hussain, he said, must be accompanied by the economic rehabilitation of the countries. According to Netanyahu, the leading role in this process must be played by the United States whose economic might will help, he believes, to ensure "the openness of the Arab world." Benyamin Netanyahu came out against the holding of the International Conference on the Middle East till "the removal of Yasser Arafat from the political arena."

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