Ex-Prime Vinister comes out for removing Arafat from the political arena

"The removal of Yasser Arafat from the political arena" must be the first step towards a Middle East settlement, Israeli ex-Prime Minster Benyamin Netanyahu said at the news conference in Moscow. According to him, "it is impossible to come to an agreement on peace with Arafat. His doctrine implies the destruction of Israel." The Israeli ex-Prime Minister believes that at the initial stage of the Middle East settlement it is necessary to stop completely or to bring to naught the terrorist activity in the region. For this purpose, pointed out Netanyahu, it is necessary to remove the Arafat regime and then to clear all the territories from weapons. It is also necessary to create physical obstacles to prevent the penetration of terrorist groups into Israeli cities, pointed out the ex-Prime Minister.

He also believes that the next stage in the Middle East settlement should be the economic rehabilitation of the region and the holding of political reforms. In this case "a new type of the Palestinian rule" might be established. After that, said Netanyahu, a peace process and peace negotiations with the Palestinians can begin. However, in accordance with this scheme, Israel must possess that part of the territory which is necessary for it to ensure its security.

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