Solar eclipse visible on Russia's territory expected on Tuesday

This year's first solar eclipse will be seen on Russian territory on Tuesday, June 11th. According to the Astrophysics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the eclipse will be visible only in some areas of the Far East, where it will be observed and photographed by scientists of the Ussuri astrophysical observatory.

"The biggest phase of the eclipse when 37% of the solar disc will be covered along its diameter will be seen in Yuzhno Kurilsk (on islands in the Sea of Okhotsk). The disc of the sun will be overshadowed at the bottom, which anyone will be able to see through a smoked glass or exposed film.

The sun will be completely eclipsed from Indonesia to the coasts of Mexico along a narrow bow-shaped strip of land. For example, in the middle of the Pacific the strip will be only 14 km wide, while the sun will be completely eclipsed for only 23 seconds, experts specify.

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