Draft resolution against US withdrawal from ABM Treaty submitted to US Congress

A draft resolution which prohibits the US President from unilaterally withdrawing from the Russian-American ABM Treaty without the appropriate consent of US Congress has been submitted to the US House of Representatives.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, J. (Dem.), who submitted the draft resolution on Wednesday, said that the suspension of international treaties was traditionally one of constitutional duties of US Congress.

At its morning session on Thursday, the House of Representatives will decide to include the draft resolution in the agenda of the House and to put it on vote or not.

On Wednesday Dennis Kucinich also gave it to understand that if the discussion of his resolution was not included in the regulations of the House till June 13, the date when the United States is officially to withdraw from the ABM Treaty, he reserved the right to file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the United States against the representatives of the executive power who violate the prerogative of the legislators.

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