Russia, China suggest new model of bilateral relations to the world

Russia and China are suggesting a new model of inter-state relations to the world. According to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, this model combines a deliberate refusal to forge an alliance with the greatest possible coordination of efforts aimed at defending common interests. This model of relations pre-supposes complete equality of both partners in the spirit of mutual trust, the President of Russia told China's Renmin Ribao newspaper on the eve of the Shanghai cooperation organization's summit in St. Petersburg.

In Putin's words, Russia and China also attach priority to expanded bilateral trade.

Putin noted that the sides should streamline the relevant infrastructures of their legal, banking and financial cooperation. Moreover, they should create effective mechanisms for the timely settlement of contentious issues, which inevitably arise during such close-knit Russian-Chinese interaction.

The President of Russia reminded that Moscow, which had hailed China's admission into the World Trade Organization, hopes that Chinese partners will also support Russia's subsequent WTO membership.

Russian-Chinese interaction has produced substantial results, the President of Russia stressed. In his opinion, bilateral relations amount to a large and well-tuned mechanism; constantly expanding contacts and exchanges in the most diverse fields are perceived as its parts and units, he added.

This "engine's" uninterrupted operation, which virtually doesn't depend on the influence of external factors, has its own sources of power just because Russian-Chinese relations are unique in themselves and self-sufficient, as well.

Russia's relations with the People's Republic of China (PRC) constitute a major independent aspect of the Russian Federation's long-term foreign policy.

The Kremlin and the Zhongnanhai residence contact each other all the time through a presidential hotline, which never "cools off", Putin said.

The PRC President and myself will discuss specific aspects of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's activity, ways of expanding comprehensive interaction between its participants, as well as its role in enhancing regional security and stability, Putin went on to say.

In Putin's words, our two countries interact in many spheres. First of all, their list includes the economy, military cooperation, military-technical cooperation, efforts to expand the transport infrastructure, bilateral ties and culture exchanges.

Plans are also in place to discuss the situation around Afghanistan, problems in Indian-Pakistani relations, as well as Russian-Chinese interaction within the UN framework, the Russian leader added.

The people of Russia have great respect for the PRC President, Putin stressed. We believe that he is a good friend of Russia; he speaks Russian, signing Russian songs all the same. We'll be simply glad to see him, the President of Russia noted.

My children visited China last year, with the PRC President's wife receiving them at her home, Putin noted. I'm very glad because I'll have an opportunity to meet the PRC President once again in my home town of St. Petersburg, Putin stressed.

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