Neighbours of Georgia fear that it can attack south Ossetia and Abkhazia

The South-Ossetian leadership fears that the built-up military potential of Georgia can be used both against South Ossetia and Abkhazia, president of the non-recognised republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoita said at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, Georgia is stepping up large-scale war preparations. "With the participation of foreign instructors Georgian elements are trained to carry out combat operations in highlands and to perpetrate sabotage-terrorist acts. Large lots of up-to date arms are supplied from abroad", Kokoita said.

South Ossetia, "condemning any manifestation of terrorism, believes that Georgia's attempt to again resort to force for re-establishing jurisdiction of Georgia within the borders of the former Georgian SSR, as well as for drawing other states into anti-terrorist operations in the Caucasus can create a real prospect for an unpredictable development of the situation and for extension of the seats of instability in the explosive region," the leader of the republic noted.

A solution to the problems of settling conflicts in the Caucasus can be found only with the participation of the countries of the Caucasian region, on the basis of the historically established balance of their interests, and with due account for the objectively shaped realities, Kokoita believes.

He said that his meeting with Prime Minister of Abkhazia Anri Dzhergania had taken place in Moscow the other day. The situation in the region was discussed at it.

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