George Bush to fly to Moscow aboard his 400-ton "Angel"

In the evening of Thursday, May 23rd, US President George Bush will arrive in Moscow from Berlin aboard his special Air Force-1 white-and-blue presidential Boeing, a unique "flying White House". There are two such planes in the world, both are absolutely identical and were built on a special order by the Boeing Corporation.

Built in 1990, both planes have always flown together with the second one being a reserve presidential liner used in case of emergency. The interior of the Boeing-747-200 planes with serial numbers SAM-28 000 and SAM-29 000 does not look like that of their ordinary passenger "mates".

The interior of the "flying White House" has a 360-square-metre living space, which houses the president's office, bedrooms for George Bush and "the first lady", a conference-hall and an office for closest assistants. If necessary another office may be quickly turned into a sick ward. The upper "hump" - ordinary liners usually house an A-class salon there -- hides major top-secret "electronics" of the presidential Boeing.

The electronics enables Bush to establish a round-the-clock stable communication with any place of the world in the usual and coded signal regimes. "The flying White House" is equipped with a few dozens of TVs and 87 phones, including 28 "satellite" unlimited-range phones supporting a super security system. By the way, the "flying White House" does carry a few top secret combat devices ensuring security of the presidential liner, even in case of a guided missile attack.

Usually, while using radio communication, US secret services agents speak a professional dialect which gives code names to guarded persons and objects. Taking into account that the presidential Boeing is designed for both carrying the head of state from one place to another and ensure his security, no wonder the secret services call it "Angel".

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