Killer office blocks

Billions of migrating birds die every year by flying into the windows of office blocks at night.

The birds, used to navigating by the stars, seem to be either dazzled or attracted by office blocks where the lights are left on. A team of US scientists, led by Douglas Stotz, of the Chicago Field Museum, conducted a study to find how many birds died in this way.

The team discovered that by turning out the lights of an office block, the death of migratory birds is cut by 88%. It is calculated that in the USA alone, between 100,000,000 and one billion migratory birds die every year through crashing into lit office block windows.

Recent statistics revealed by Pravda.Ru have pointed towards alarming reductions in bird populations in Europe and Russia. Some of these are the result of fertilisers, the birds either being poisoned directly or starved, as the insects on which they feed are exterminated.

If the lights of office blocks are turned off at night around the world, not only will there be a tremendous saving of energy, but the bird population will cease being so drastically decimated.


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