George W. Bush will bring to Moscow a super-secret "football"

US President George W. Bush is never left alone. His visits to Moscow and Saint Petersburg will not be an exclusion from this strict rule. Wherever he will go, he will be followed by his bodyguards, a medical nurse and an unostentatious man in a military uniform with a black leather suitcase. Among the American President's entourage this suitcase is called "a football." In reality, the 45x35x25 cm. suitcase is made of superfirm Titan and only covered with soft pig-skin. It has a code lock and is fastened to the wrist of the President's aide by a bracelet of special steel.

This suitcase contains codes to put in action the American nuclear arsenal. This is, apparently, the most secret subjects in the entire American administration. Only the US President has the right to give order to launch nuclear missiles. And he will be able to do it if he has this "nuclear suitcase." It is for this reason that the man in a military uniform wearing this suitcase must closely follow the President everywhere.

Officers for this work are selected from the four armed services and the patrol forces of the United States. Each of them must undergo a very serious testing and receive a certificate of access to top secret matters - White Yankee. The five selected officers make a signed statement not expose the state secret and thus become staff members of the White House's military department. They work by turns.

Each of these officers has a 9 mm. Beretta pistol and the right to open fire for effect without warning. The content of the "nuclear suitcase" is a sealed secret, but according to some leaked information, it contains the so-called single integrated operational plan which is an instruction to be used by the head of the state in case of the beginning of a nuclear war.

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