Moscow calls upon Israel to weigh consequences of new administrative regime on palestinian territories

Russia called on Israel to thoroughly weigh the consequences before introducing a new administrative regime on the West Bank of the Jordan and the Gaza Strip.

In Moscow "they understand well that the persisting terrorist acts with quite innocent people becoming their victims press for taking resolute measures to prevent and stem them", a statement by spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yakovenko says. But, according to him, it is should be kept in mind that these moves "cannot but lead to new serious difficulties in the life of the peaceful population and will complicate the socio-economic situation on the Palestinian territories difficult as it is, and this, as experience shows, creates a nutrient medium for terrorism".

The putting into force of the new administrative regime for the West Bank and Gaza Strip which envisages, in particular, stringent restrictions on movement of people and goods in the zone of responsibility of the Palestinian national administration, in Moscow's opinion, "can lead to actual division of the Palestinian territories into isolated enclaves".

"In this atmosphere it will be difficult to talk also of a possibility to restore the normal functioning of the Palestinian administration, including the power structures bound to combat terrorism", Moscow believes. "Serious difficulties in the question of reform of the PNA are also quite probable".

"The unilateral actions of this kind, even dictated by concern for Israel's security, are calling in question the earlier concluded Palestinian-Israeli agreements and do not bring closer to the prime aim - political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on a generally-recognised international-law basis", the document reads.

"In the acute situation obtaining it is important to thoroughly weigh the consequences of any moves made, proceeding primarily from their real impact on the situation on the Palestinian territories and around them, as well as on the prospect of defusing the crisis in the region, and of restoring the movement to an all-embracing Arab-Israeli settlement", the statement by the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia stresses.

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