UK dispatched nuclear weaponry to Falklands War

A report issued by the British Government confirms suspects about the presence of nuke bombs in 1982 war against Argentina. Buenos Aires is concerned about sunk English battleships laying in the South Atlantic Ocean

Declassified British documents on the 1982 Falklands War against Argentina confirmed Buenos Aires suspects regarding the existence of nuclear weaponry conveyed by the Royal Navy to the battlefield. According to London's report, the UK military transported nuke bombs on battleships dispatched to recapture the Islands after the Argentine invasion in April.

The report says that the task force sent to the South Atlantic Ocean included battleships that were equipped with nuclear weaponry. Argentine minister of Defense, Jose Pampuro confirmed to the local press the report and expressed his concern regarding sunk British vessels laying underwater, which may be radioactive.

Documents confirmed that the British military did not take time to remove the weapons from the ships before launching the attack to the Islands. They are WE 177 depth charges manufactured in the UK.

As such, the Argentine Government will ask its British counterpart to give details about the operations to evaluate a mission to the area to confirm the presence of radioactivity in the sunken ships. Local official sources did not deny any possible communication between president Nestor Kirchner and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss the issue.

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