"Truth, Justice and Reconciliation" international forum

The international forum Truth, Justice and Reconciliation is drawing to a close in Stockholm. As National Policy Minister of Russia Vladimir Zorin who is participating in the work of the conference said, in Russia there is experience of resolving the themes under discussion in Stockholm. According to him, the return of 68 per cent of the refugees is a visible result of the settlement of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict (after Ingushetia became an autonomous republic forming part of Russia in the early 1990s there emerged a territorial dispute with the neighbouring republic of North Ossetia, which found expression in a number of terrorist acts and resulted in numerous casualties among civilians). The situation in Chechnya is also entering the stage of postconflict settlement. According to Vladimir Zorin, the military stage is practically over, and the task now is to rehabilitate the socio-economic potential and the institutions of civil society. The Stockholm forum is a continuation of the conferences held in Stockholm in the past two years on the initiative of Prime Minister of Sweden Goran Persson. Lessons of history and the Holocaust were the theme of the Stockholm international forum in 2000. Last year the politicians and researchers who gathered in Sweden discussed the problem of intolerance with regard to different ethnic and sexual minorities, and also shared the experience of fostering tolerance among the young people of today. The experience of postconflict reconciliation, amassed, in particular, in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, South Africa, Poland and Germany, became the subject of the debates at the conference this year. The conference has not set itself the aim of discussing the still persisting conflicts and adopting a declaration in this connection. Politicians, representatives of the governments and scientists from nearly forty countries are taking part in the Stockholm forum.

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