Russian Prosecutor-general's Office Demands Extradition Of A Terrorist Arrested In Kazakhstan

The Russian prosecutor-general's office sees no legal impediments for extradition of Ziyavudin Ziyavutdinov, a participant in a terrorist act committed in Buinaksk, who was arrested in Kazakhstan. Leonid Troshin, chief of the information and public relations board at the Russian prosecutor-general's office, said that questions of extradition are regulated by the Minsk legal aid convention, which Russia and Kazakhstan among other CIS member states signed in 1993. One of the divisions of this convention intends aid in criminal cases and, particularly, extradition of those charged with commitment of crimes. "Organisational questions will be resolved very soon and Ziyavutdinov will go on trial in Russia", believes Leonid Troshin. Russian citizen Ziyavudin Ziyavutdinov is charged with being involved in the terrorist act which was committed in Buinaksk /in Daghestan/ on September 4, 1999. The prosecutor-general's office said that the location of Ziyavutdinov, who was put on search, was established and he was arrested thanks to the coordinated joint actions by the Kazakh and Russian law-enforcement organs. As a result of the Buinaksk terrorist act 58 people died and 87 got bodily wounds. On this case 6 people have been taken to criminal responsibility. They are charged on several articles of the Russian Criminal Code -- terrorism, banditry, manslaughter etc. All the accused have been convicted on these crimes and sentenced by the supreme court of Daghestan to different terms of deprivation of liberty and two of them to life-long imprisonment. Regarding several other terrorists involved in this case and escaping justice /Ziyavudin Ziyavutdinov, Shamil Omarov and Hattab/, it has been decided to institute criminal proceedings against them on the same articles of the Russian Criminal Code and take them into custody. They all have been put on national and international search.

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