Russian President Sends Message To Kuwaiti Amir

The Russian President's press service informed RIA Novosti that Vladimir Putin sent a message to the amir of Kuwait, sheik Jabir al-Ahmad al-Jabir Al Sabah. The message reads that the present deadlock in the Iraqi peace settlement acquires a dangerous aspect and influences the situation in the region more and more negatively. Unless efforts are activated on seeking mutually acceptable decisions, we can again face a serious destabilization that will damage the interests of all the states of the region and the international security. The message says that Russia came forward with a proposal that envisages a complex solution of the Iraqi problem. The key element is restoration of international control over forbidden Iraqi military programs, or, in other words, of reliable local monitoring. At the same time, as an exchange to Baghdad's cooperation with the United Nations in the disarmament field, steps must follow, on suspending, and then on lifting, anti-Iraqi sanctions. Matters of Kuwaiti residents missing and of Kuwaiti property restoration should be settled in the same context. The Russian President paid attention to the fact that Russia's proposals are aimed at fulfilment of the corresponding resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and at providing Iraqi peace settlement within the limits of the international law. Russia principally speaks in favor of solution of international conflicts by political and diplomatic means, and speaks against use of force in intergovernmental relations when such a use violates the UN Charter and is not considered by its Security Council. Finally Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the realization of Russia's proposal will become a stable pledge of restoration of good-neighbourly relations between the states of the region, of providing equal security, and of creation of conditions eliminating a possibility of military conflicts' repetition.

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