Legal process on murder threat to George Bush starts in Slovenia

In Slovenian town of Murska Sobota legal hearing started on the case on the Slovenian man threatening to kill George Bush. 32-year-old Tommy Sluga sent a message with the threat to kill the US President during his visit to Slovenia in 2001. “President, save the planet, we will kill you in Lyublyan, welcome”,- he e-mailed to George Bush.  The accused man assures he was just kidding. Nevertheless, according to Slovenian law, he can be prosecuted on the grounds of “threatening the life of the person being under international protection.” Slovenian Criminal Code considers this crime to be as serious as genocide and war crimes. If the accused is recognized guilty, he can be sentenced up to 10 years of prison term.

Another Slovenian man named Deyan Khailovich also e-mailed to the US President, threatening to kill him. He was discharged in court – it had no proof that his intentions were real. Khailovich also characterized his actions as Sluga did – “just a joke".

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