A serious trouble aboard International Space Station

As practice shows, it is not only aboard the Mir orbiter that computer problems occur. Currently, the International Space Station is having its three command computers either not working or not communicating, the data exchange with Mission Control in Houston beings disrupted. If the space shuttle Endeavour were not docked to the station, NASA would be completely out of communication with the astronauts, according to Reuters. The controversial launch of "space tourist" Dennis Tito this weekend will have to be delayed if the problem is not corrected. And in an unrelated problem, the only working system for removing carbon dioxide from the air broke down, although station commander Yury Usachev, a Russian, reports that he has restored at least some function to the Russian system. The 2nd permanent crew is now working on board - Susan Helms, Yuri Usachev, and James Voss.

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