Kosovo is a small Afghanistan or Chechnya in Europe

Vladimir Putin believes that Kosovo is "a small Afghanistan or Chechnya in the center of Europe." The head of the Russian state stated this on Monday in an interview, given together with FRG Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, with the Russian RTR television and the German ZDF. "To my mind," said Vladimir Putin," the main danger to Europe, I shall say this in public for the first time, is that with the transparency of the borders it is practically impossible to guard the borders as it was before." As a result, a re-division of the European economy may start from the uncontrolled territory of Kosovo. According to the Russian President, the medium and small business may become the first victim. "A European citizen has got accustomed to the practice of going to court in case of illegal actions against him. While terrorists have only one answer - a shot in the head. Then they disappear in the uncontrolled territory. It will be very difficult for Europe to combat this situation. I do not think it is prepared for this." According to Vladimir Putin, "Europe has only one alternative - to create a strong border and to fulfil the Security Council's Resolution No. 1244, to continue its efforts in disarming the terrorists, to observe the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia and to make the Yugoslav authorities responsible for the situation in the province." "Otherwise, Europe will fully bear this responsibility. And this danger is very great," pointed out the Russian President. He said that today it was necessary to pool joint efforts to prevent the spreading of negative tendencies in the region. "We clearly understand, jointly with Germany and Europe, and I want to stress this, what should be done to limit the activity of the extremist forces in the region, because this poses a serious threat to Europe, and hence to Russia," stated Vladimir Putin.

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