UN-simulation Game in Moscow

The Moscow State University of International Relations is hosting the fourth simulation game UN-2002. The event will continue until April 19, its participants taking part in simulated sessions of the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and the International Court. The 'General Assembly' is expected to take on the issue of globalisation in relation to international security, the 'Security Council' will focus on the Middle East crisis, and the Economic and Social Committee will tackle the poverty problem. The Moscow UN-simulation game takes place every year and brings together students from all other the country. The idea itself originated in the US and has become widely spread since then. One of the most important UN-models in Europe is in The Hague. The simulation game is a role-play. The students turn into the ambassadors form different countries convening in the UN to discuss some of the hottest issues. The roles are assigned in a way that the Russian students represent, for example, Trinidad or Tobago, and the Nigerian delegation defends the interests of the US. The participants must not only know the history and political situation in their 'new' country, but also adopt the new identity and behave as if they were born in that country and have lived there all their lives. The resolutions of the simulation games are normally sent to the real UN Secretariat in New York.

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