Activity reduces risk of Alzheimer’s

The key to a happy third age is activity, according to latest findings released by a team of scientists in Chicago.

The Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago has published a paper in The Journal of the American Medical Association which claims that mental activity reduces the risk of a person contracting Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study of 801 people showed that activities which require mental activity, such as reading, playing cards, doing crosswords and visiting museums reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 47%.

Another study undertaken by Dr. Terasa Ramilo, of the Portuguese Motricity Institute, shows a clear relationship between exercise and good health. The control group of men and women in their seventies which performed exercise regularly proved to be far healthier and to live longer than the group of sedentary participants.

The notion of having an active working life, reaching the magic age of 65 and then giving up and going home to watch t.v. sends signals to the body. The lack of stimulation produces an ongoing effect, as intellectual and physical functions become lost through disuse.

Regarding diet, scientists around the world agree that the Mediterranean diet, consisting of fresh vegetables, salads, garlic and an abundance of fish and olive oil, accompanied by red wine, is the healthiest. Eaten over a number of years, this diet allows the body to function without building up harmful accumulations, such as those provoked by an excess of meat or fat. In countries where meat is eaten in abundance, cancer of the digestive system prevails.

The recipe for mens sana in corpore sanum is therefore staying active, physically and intellectually, eating fresh vegetables, more fish and less meat and not forgetting that glass of red wine.


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