Condoleezza Rice: George Bush Very Much Impressed By Vladimir Putin's Efforts Towards Strengthening Economic Reforms, Supremacy Of Law In Russia

George Bush is very much impressed by the efforts made by Vladimir Putin in the strengthening of economic reforms, supremacy of law in Russia, said Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser to the American president, in an exclusive interview to the Izvestia newspaper. Her interview will be published on Monday. She said that Russia has been rapidly changing of late. Small wonder that America's approach to Russia and the basics of our relations are also changing. Now a much greater accent is made on economic contacts. It is very important to us that executive power in Russia is concerned over the creation of conditions for massive American investments. The US presidential aide is sure that, when these conditions are created, Russia with its vast potential will become very attractive for foreign investors. She stressed that George Bush will discuss economic matters with Vladimir Putin in this clue. Another major indicator of progress in bilateral relations is, according to Rice, security cooperation. She said that Russia is not our enemy. One of the main goals of our countries is now to agree on an appreciable reduction of both the offensive and defensive nuclear arsenals, stressed the presidential security aide. The events of September 11 are an illustration that America and Russia have tremendous common interests in the security sphere, said Condoleezza Rice. She recalled that the United States has always insisted that a format for strategic relations include both reduction of offensive nuclear armaments and introduction of a new defensive weapon which would protect our country against what we call "a limited threat." The tragic September 11 events have only convinced us of the need to unfold such defense, she said. George Bush intends to continue the discussion with Vladimir Putin in this line, she said.

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