Egyptian Secret Services Uncover Clandestine Al-qaeda Terrorist Network

The Egyptian security service uncovered a few weeks ago a widely ramified underground network run by Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Cairo weekly Al-Mussawar said in its latest issue, according to this correspondent. The weekly emphasizes that the organization planned a multi-pronged terrorist operation in Egypt. Although the article does not mention the precise targets the terrorists planned to attack, the seriousness of the threat is shown up at least by the fact that two arrested members of the underground grouping had attended the same flying school in the US as Egyptian Muhammad Atta, who on September 11 slammed a Boeing passenger jet into the first tower of the World Trade Center in New York. Bin Laden's clandestine organization in Egypt, Al-Mussawar says, "included people from different sections of society, of different incomes and different cultural backgrounds, specialists from various fields". The magazine says that according to its information bin Laden's terrorist network covers seven European capitals and many states in the Arab world.

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