Russia's Social Democrats Support Anti-Terror Action In Afghanistan: Gorbachev

US-British action in Afghanistan has every support from Russian Social Democrats, says Mikhail Gorbachev, once reformist USSR President, now president of the United Russian Social Democratic Party. Targeted on Osama bin Laden's terrorist bases and organisations, the action responds to atrocious terror acts in New York City and Washington, D.C., the party points out in a statement Mikhail Gorbachev made public at a Moscow news conference. Mr. Gorbachev is alarmed with prospects for the action to develop into a long warfare, which threatens to hit civilians. Some people may regard it as a crusade against Islam, one of the world's foremost religions, he warns. International terrorism is gaining momentum as social issues are taking an edge worldwide and other critical developments are underway on a global scale, remarked the mastermind of Soviet perestroika. Mikhail Gorbachev fully approves what the Russian top is doing in the situation. "Very serious and responsible," he described President Vladimir Putin's stances.

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