Hundreds Killed And Wounded In Quandahar During US And Uk Air Strikes

Hundreds of people were killed or wounded as a result of the US and UK air strikes delivered at Quandahar on Sunday night, the Afghan Islamic Press agency operating in Pakistan, was quoted as saying with reference to eyewitnesses. The agency also confirmed the death of 20 people in the strikes at Kabul. At the same time, the Al-Jazeera TV station quoted a spokesman for the Northern Alliance as saying that the bomb and missile strikes had hit all the planned targets, such as air fields, anti-aircraft positions, large Taliban units and their headquarters located in six Afghan towns. The only exception is the building of the Taliban Defence Ministry in Kabul. According to the spokesman for the Northern Alliance, missiles fell in the vicinity of the building. An Al-Jazeera journalist simultaneously reported live that in the early hours of Monday a fourth strike there had been delivered. He claimed that the strike had been followed by a powerful explosion and a huge cloud of fire and smoke in the skies.

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