FBI uses and condones torture

Unable to force confessions out of the 150 suspects accused of having connections with the September 11th terrorist attacks, the FBI is considering a switch to alternative methods.

The Times newspaper claims that the FBI is considering the use of more severe methods of interrogation, since the conventional practices have failed to get the 150 detainees held in connection with the September 11th attacks to speak.

The new methods, according to the British newspaper, are “truth serum” (which would be sodium pentothal), psychological pressure, intensive questioning and extradition to countries which practise “heavier approaches”.

Traditional methods of persuasion used by the FBI in return for information are reduced prison sentences, money, a job or the witness protection scheme, whereby police protection, a new identity and lodging is provided by the Federal Authorities.

Under US law, confessions obtained through the use of torture are invalid as testimony in court but it is claimed by some that the US Supreme Court may change its position on prisoners’ rights in cases of terrorism.


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