World To Rally For War On International Crime And Terrorism

The campaign against international crime and terrorism would require of all the world's nations to join their efforts, said Anatoly Kulikov, a member of Russia's lower house of parliament, the State Duma, who chairs the organizing committee of the World Anti-Criminal and Anti-Terrorist Forum - W.A.A.F. Kulikov was speaking to an international conference entitled "The International Community Against the Globalization of Crime and Terrorism," which closed in Moscow on Wednesday. 196 delegates had attended the conference, including 52 from foreign nations. Kulikov deplored the fact that "thus far, crime has made the most progress in integration and globalization." According to him, crime is ever more boldly breaking through national borders. He underscored that no single nation could meet the challenge of criminal clans on its own. "The whole world has to rally for the fight against the common enemy," the lawmaker believes. The W.A.A.F. is there "to join the forces with no national or departmental borders." Kulikov said the organization was meant to be a reliable ally to other anti-crime or anti-terrorist groups, rather than competing with them. "We have nothing to do with rivalry and everything to do with responsibility for the future of the humankind."

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