Bush tells Sharon to withdraw

The tone of diplomatic relations between Washington and Tel Aviv is changing as the republican administration leans more towards a neutral stance in the Middle east, a position historically associated with this party.

After meetings between US National security Advisor Condoleeza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, the United States of America has issued a declaration calling for the “immediate and definitive withdrawal” by the Israeli Armed Forces of the Palestinian areas occupied in recent days.

State Department spokesperson Philip Reeker issued a statement declaring that “The Israeli Defence Forces should pull out immediately from all areas under Palestinian control and should not make any further incursions”. The White House backed up this demand, declaring that such a policy at a delicate moment in world history would provide a background for a deterioration of the international diplomatic setting. “The Israeli incursions have contributed significantly towards an increase in tension and violence”, it stated.

The White House called on Yasser Arafat to immediately arrest those responsible for the assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism recently and to punish all acts of terrorism with a firm hand.

It is this policy of trying to attack the root causes of phenomena such as Osama Bin Laden and Islamist fundamentalism which augurs well for a future world at peace with itself.


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