Injured Afghanis Coming To Pakistan For Treatment

Afghanis injured in the US airstrikes are coming to Pakistan for treatment. According to The Pakistan Observer newspaper, over 60 injured Afghanis are in hospitals of the Quetta city (centre of Baluchistan province). Most of them are civilians, including children. They are mostly from Kandahar and its neighbourhood, according to the paper. The city has virtually become desolated: 60% of its inhabitants have fled the US air raids, refugees say. According to authorities, over 10,000 Afghani citizens have arrived in Pakistan through the Chaman checkpoint during the past six weeks. The refugees' accommodation in special camps has not been launched as yet. Twenty-five foreign journalists arrived at Chaman on Thursday under reinforced guard, according to the paper. Around 200 foreign correspondents are currently staying in Quetta. Foreign observers say that natives ill-treat the journalists, referring to all Europeans as to US supporters, while the airstrikes are going on.

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